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I am a licensed wedding officiant with NY and I customize all my ceremonies to meet the needs of the couple. I perform both religious and non-religious ceremonies and have also blended religious and cultural rites into the wedding ceremony. I also perform interfaith ceremonies blending the religious traditions of the couple in a respectful ceremony where each faith is equally represented.


One of the most important aspects of preparing your wedding is to choose the perfect wedding officiant. The officiant should be flexible to meet your needs and be available to discuss your questions. The officiant should be experienced and connected to a faith community. The officiant should also have a valid accredited degree in theology where he or she has learned the aspects of cultural, religious and ethnic differences. 


I am offer a free initial consultation to couples by phone in order to explore with them what their ceremony needs may be. During this initial call we usually determine if we are a good fit for each other. If a couple wants to move forward then a non refundable deposit would be required to hold the date. The deposit can be paid by check, PayPal or Venmo.


Once the deposit has been received the creation of the ceremony begins and I can offer an array of services from meeting in person, on Zoom, Face Time or by phone to begin the planning process. In addition to creating the ceremony together I also offer Pre Cana and Pre Marital Counseling which affords the couple a time to prayerfully reflect on their individual lives before they join together as one. Reflection on one's current life and hopes and desires as a couple will help solidify the union which will take place when you publicly state for the first time what you and your partner have been experiencing all along and that is that you love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together.


The couple with or without Pre Cana will meet, through various modes of communication, and discuss the ceremony several times before approving the final draft which will be used on their wedding day. It is important that the couple have choices in what the ceremony will be on their special day. The couple should plan early enough so that we have enough time to create a ceremony expressive of your unique love. Couples who call with less than a month before the ceremony may not have enough time to meet as often as is needed but should contact me so we can discuss your needs.


If you are ready to explore more questions or would like to contact me please do not hesitate to call me at 631-416-4308 or e-mail me at


Your day should be made special by all who you ask to be a part of your ceremony.


Rev. Ken

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